Chapter Membership


Chapter Membership

(1)   Federal City Chapter membership is through VFS International.  VFS  members are assigned to the chapter in which they reside when they join or update their mailing preferences. The Southeast Region may redefine the geographic area as new chapters may be established or disestablished within the region.

(2)   The Federal City Chapter geographical area is generally defined as the National Capitol Region.

(3)   Federal City Chapter membership categories and dues are set by VFS International.

(4)   Both members and nonmembers are welcome at events sponsored by the Federal City Chapter.

(5)   The Federal City Chapter is prohibited from charging local dues.

(6)   The Federal City Chapter is 300+ strong.  We actively and aggressively pursue new members and welcome all members to our Chapter Board meetings.

If you are interested in becoming a member, or know someone that is interested, please visit the Society’s main site,

Valerie Sheehan is the Director of Membership at the Vertical Flight Society.


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