September 2014 Meeting Announcement

September 2014 Meeting Program

UMD Presentation: Jon Chambers, “Kestrel: Transition Into a New Era”

Guest Speaker Biography: Daniel Bailey, JMR / FVL Program Director

Presentation: JMR / FVL Challenges


June 2014 Meeting Announcement

June 2014 Meeting Program

UMD Presentation: Andrew Lind, “Vortex Shedding in Reverse Flow”

Guest Speaker: Kevin Renshaw, Lockheed Martin Skunkworks

Presentation: Aerial Reconfigurable Embedded System (ARES) VTOL UAS Update


May 2014 Meeting Announcement

May 2014 Meeting Program

UMD Presentation: Anand Saxena, “Primary Control of a Rotor Using Brushless DC Motor Actuated Trailing Edge Flaps”

Guest Speaker: RADM Jaynes

Presentation: Navy & USMC Vertical Lift: Present and Future


April 2014 Meeting Announcement

April 2014 Meeting Program

UMD Presentation: Robert Vocke – Adaptive Technology for Rotorcraft Crashworthiness

Guest Speaker: Dyke Weatherington

Presentation: Challenges to Unmanned Aircraft Systems


March 2014 Meeting Announcement

March 2014 Meeting Program

UMD Presentation: Graham Bowen-Davies, “Loads and Performance Correlation of High-Advance-Ratio Rotor Testing”

Guest Speaker: COL Eldon Metzger USMC

Presentation: USN / USMC VTOL Programs


February 2014 Meeting Announcement

February 2014 Meeting Program

UMD Presentation: Ben Berry, Slowed Rotor Wind Tunnel Testing

Guest Speaker: Craig Nixon

Presentation: Rotary Wing Test, USNTPS Curriculum Update

2014 -01-15 

January 2014 Meeting Announcement

January 2014 Meeting Program

Guest Speaker: Nick Lappos

Presentation: Vertical Lift Consortium Summary

Presentation: Test Flying Tales Over the Years


No meeting / presentations


November 2013 Meeting Announcement

November 2013 Meeting Program

UMD Presentation:  Elizabeth Weiner, Helix – Ahead of the Curve

Guest Speakers: Douglas Shidler, Patrick Donnelly

Presentation: Sikorsky & Boeing JMR Technology Demonstrator Update


October 2013 Meeting Announcement

October 2013 Meeting Program

UMD Presentation:  Ananth Sridharan, Flight Dynamics and Control of a Rotorcraft Towing a Submerged Load

Guest Speaker:  Steve Skinner, Bell Helicopter

Presentation:  Bell V280 Valor, Future Vertical Lift Technology Demonstrator


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