• AHS Southeast Region Robert L. Lichten Award Competition – Call for Presentations


    Call for Presentations
    American Helicopter Society
    Robert L. Lichten Award
    Southeast Region Competition

    The Robert L. Lichten Award was established to provide an incentive for AHS members, who have not previously presented a paper at a technical forum, to present their work at local and Regional AHS meetings. The winner of this regional competition will submit their paper for consideration for the national award, which will be selected prior to the 2015 AHS Forum in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

    Eligibility Requirements
    The abbreviated requirements are as follows. For complete eligibility requirements visit http://www.vtol.org/3704CD50-08C4-11E2-94900050568D0042.

    The award is open to any individual who
    a. Was a member of the AHS during the entire competition,
    b. Has not previously presented a paper at a national or international meeting of a technical society (e.g., the AHS Annual Forum, annual AIAA conference, AHS Specialists Meetings/Conferences, European Rotorcraft Forum).
    c. Has not served as the principal author of a previously-published, co-authored technical paper.

    In addition,
    • The presentation must be new unpublished material. Written papers are not required prior to the presentation. If the presenter is selected as the winner by the Region, a written paper must be composed for judging by the Lichten Award Selection Committee (a subset of the AHS Technical Council).
    • The technical presentation should be at least 20 minutes in length.
    • A single-authored presentation and subsequent paper is preferred, but co-authored presentations/papers may be eligible as long as the presenter has done the majority of the work.
    • Non-AHS Forum papers are eligible, provided the meeting is held after the last day of the AHS Forum during which the winner of the competition will be presented. Papers submitted for the current AHS Forum are also eligible, provided they meet all of the aforementioned requirements.
    • Individuals entering the Lichten competition must submit a filled-in copy of the “Lichten Eligibility Statement” to their AHS Regional Vice President.
    The regional competition will be held in mid-January 2015 (exact date to be determined). Additional information on the competition will be distributed to the candidates upon receipt of the abstracts. In order to be eligible to compete in the national competition, the winner of the regional competition must prepare a written paper that is due to AHS Headquarters no later than February 28, 2015.

    Deadline for abstracts is December 5, 2014

    Send abstracts to:

    Oliver Wong
    Technical Director, Hampton Roads Chapter AHS
    MS 286, NASA Langley Research Center
    Hampton, VA 23681-2199

    Electronic submission in either PDF or MS Word format is encouraged.

    For further information, contact Oliver Wong at oliver.d.wong@nasa.gov

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